Peers: Responsibility, Jealousy & Difference

believe post work
Thursday 12 July
11am – 2pm-ish
Chisenhale Dance Space
64-84 Chisenhale Road
E3 5QZ
Always free
Rant. Chat. Eat.
Coffee Morning: POST-WORK

Hosted by Charlie Ashwell and James Morgan

We want out.
We want our future back.
We want to desire differently.
We want to dance differently.
We want to expand.
We want an end to austerity.
We want to move towards the unknown.
We want to say no to the not-good-enough and yes to the unimaginable.
We want time.
We want room.
We want nice things.
We want access to the surplus.
We want to be really fucking extra.
DO YOU?????

With discussion around “Universal Basic Income” and “Fully Automated Luxury Communism” growing, James and Charlie invite you to think out loud about the possibility of a future beyond work and what that might mean for dance.

Charlie Ashwell is a dance witch. She has performed as a dancer since 2009, predominantly with Seke Chimutengwende & Friends, Dog Kennel Hill Project and Janine Harrington. In 2014 she completed a Masters of Research in Choreography and Performance at Roehampton University. She was co-founder of BELLYFLOP magazine, where she developed a critical writing practice (2008-2014). As a producer she has worked with TripSpace, Seke Chimutengwende, Project O and James Morgan. She is a lecturer in dance at Roehampton University and her current solo work “Banishing Dance” is being performed at Splayed Festival 2018 in partnership with The Wellcome Collection and The Place.

James Morgan is a queer artist from Bridlington, East Yorkshire.  Their solo practice draws from diverse interests in contemporary dance, drag, live art and writing. Their new solo project: ‘Mum, I’m in the fourth dimension, see!’, explores queer politics, dance and poetry, and will premiere in late 2018.  DRAG ON, their recent full-length work has been performed as part of NOW 17 at The Yard Theatre (London), Chisenhale Dance Space (London), The Wardrobe Theatre (Bristol) and at La Fete du Slip (Lausanne, Switzerland). James also works as a freelance performer and has worked with artists such as Eleanor Sikorksi, Rosana Antoli, Rocio Boliver, Lola Maury and Seke Chimutengwende.

About Coffee Mornings

The Coffee Mornings at Chisenhale Dance Space were initiated by Gillie Kleiman, an independent dance artist and proud member of the artistic community around the organisation, as a way in which dance-makers and -doers could talk about the relationships between issues of production, public policy and the politics of the cultural industries and the artwork that they are making and doing. The events are open to all artists and arts practitioners, whether or not they associate themselves with Chisenhale. We sit around the kitchen table and eat and talk. There have always been people there who know each other as well as those who don’t. There is a loosely-held format which includes a writing-up of the facilitators’ thoughts after the meeting Initially Gillie started off each time. Now the Coffee Mornings are led by different dance artists or artists’ groups each time and from 2015 Gille handed over the running to Hamish MacPherson, also a member of Chisenhale Dance Space.